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Depeche Mode "Where's the Revolution"

Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le jeudi 24 mai 2018 12:04 - Mis à jour le jeudi 24 mai 2018 12:04

Depeche Mode is an English new wave band. In advance of their time, they mixed electronic music rock and pop elements.

The band was created in 1979 in Basildon, in the south-east of England. Dave Gahan is the singer, Martin L.Gore is the guitarist and writes most of the songs.

Where's the Revolution is their latest single, it was released in 2017 on the album Spirit.

Depeche Mode's most famous songs are Enjoy the Silence, I just can't get enough and Personal Jesus.

The band's name was found by the producer, Daniel Miller, it comes from the name of a french magazine.

Depeche Mode have written 28 albums. The first one was published in 1981, it was called Speak and spell, and Spirit is the latest.

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